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  Based in the techniques and research of Marie F. Mongan, M. Ed., M.Hy.

Hypnobirthing®, A Celebration of Life

Have you ever dreamed about a painless, stress free birth? Then I have the solution for you. Hypnobirthing is easier, safer and more comfortable birthing style. It uses no drugs and is 100% safe. Hypnobrithing is used to work with the woman's body.

In a series of classes I can teach you how to have a easy, safe, relaxing, and pain free birth, with no medical intervention. I will teach you and your birthing companion how to work with natural relaxation techniques, so as the mother you are well awake and aware when your child is entering this world.



Anyone interested in becoming a Hypnobirthing Practitioner in the Twin Cities area please contact us. There is a class scheduled for April 19th - 22nd.

For information on the course please contact us via e-mail.



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